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Alla Pugacheva was born Alla Borisovna Pugacheva on April 15, 1949, in Moscow, Russia. Her father, Born: April.

A queen above politics: Alla Pugacheva Mikhail Loginov 18 October 2011 Alla Pugacheva has ruled Russian pop for more than 40 years, surviving criticism and change while endearing herself.

Alla Pugacheva performing Million Roses live 1983 (C) Universal Music Russia. Subscribe to our Official Universal Music Group Russia (UMG) A video from (UMG). Do not copy this video.

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Alla Pugacheva (Алла Пугачёва) is arguably the best known musical performer in Russia, with record sales estimated at anywhere from 70 to 300 million records since her career began in the mid-1960s.Her earlier compositions feature incredibly artistic melodies with sophisticated arrangements, witty lyrics, and almost theatrical vocals.

The latest Tweets from ALLA PUGACHEVA (@alla_orfey). Советская и российская эстрадная певица,композитор-песенник,эстрадный режиссёр,продюсер,киноактриса и телеведущая. Москва, Россия.

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Alla Borisovna Pugacheva (Russian: Алла Борисовна Пугачёва; sometimes transcribed in English as Pugachova, Russian pronunciation: [pʊɡɐˈtɕɵvə]; born 15 April 1949), is а Soviet and Russian musical performer. Her career started in 1965 and continues to this day. For her "clear mezzo-soprano and a full display of sincere emotions", she enjoys an iconic status across.

Alla Pugacheva in Berlin is taking part in a concert to celebrate the opening of the Palace of the Republic GDR. April.